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The Lazare Diamond Jewelry Collection By Jewelry Designer Lazare

Lazare Diamonds is the world’s largest manufacturer of ideal cut diamonds. Like the world’s most prestigious brand names, the name Lazare does not merely designate a product of exceptional quality and integrity, it also represents a standard of excellence by which all other similar products are judged. As the first branded diamond ever to be introduced, the Lazare Diamond has certainly earned this honorable distinction.

Proudly renowned as “The World’s Most Beautiful Diamond,” Lazare Diamonds have been cut to ideal proportions by highly skilled artisans for nearly a century. The ideal cut is based on a complex mathematical formula that measures a diamond’s many angles and proportions with exacting precision. This produces a diamond of unparalleled brilliance, sparkle and fire – The Lazare Diamond.

Lazare Daisy Pendant

Lazare Diamond Daisy Pendant

Considering the quality and beauty of Lazare Diamonds, it was a logical step for Lazare to introduce The Lazare Diamond Jewelry Collection. This dazzling collection features exclusive designs set in 18 karat gold and platinum, ranging from traditional engagement and bridal jewelry to fashion accessories for day and evening wear. Spectacular, one-of-a-kind pieces can often be seen at the world’s finest jewelers or worn by some of Hollywood’s most famous celebrities.

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