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Pink Mother of Pearl Diamond Heart Pendant By Jewelry Designer Kabana

This pendant is inlaid with Pink Mother of Pearl, set in 14k rose gold and accented with diamonds. Total weight of diamonds is .91ct SI1 quality and G-H color.

Kabana Diamond Mother of Pearl Pendant

Kabana Diamond Mother of Pearl Pendant

Kabana’s jewelry is 100% made in the United States of America.

Major worldwide economical shifts have resulted in a dramatic new landscape in the realty of consumer’s goods. The temptation is often great for an industry to save a lot of money by finding much cheaper labors overseas. Many jewelers currently save on craftsmanship, by delocalizing their production to Southwest Asia. But what they may save somewhere, they are bound to lose elsewhere, as this requires huge sacrifices regarding the quality of manufacturing. A loss in quality that will be suffered by the end consumer: poor design and manufacturing quality will eventually affect the experience of those who will wear this jewelry. The fact that Kabana is 100% made in the US is therefore of prime importance. Made in the USA is therefore one direct consequence of the extremely high quality of Kabana’s jewelry products, especially as compared to the low standards characterizing the collections of its competitors producing in Asia.

Kabana produces a labor-intensive product. Cutting, polishing and setting inlays is a minute and time-consuming activity. In order to do so, Kabana provides many jobs in the USA, where the wages are higher than in Asia, but so are the craftsmanship and skills. It is also a great and loyal behavior, towards our country, and Kabana is extremely proud to support the local and national economy.

Finally, Kabana’s strength and most precious capital are its employees, many of which have been working here since its foundation. Kabana is a community, a family, deeply grounded in Albuquerque and New Mexico. It means that the design team, the sales people and the customer service work in the same building as the production team. Everyone can see what the other is doing, and everyone has a daily, global overview of the company’s activity and production; employees know the product very well and see creations evolving at each stage.

Producing at home is a positive contribution to the life of the community, and to the economy, local, state-wide and national. This is a fundamental feature of the company and a source of great pride at Kabana.

If you want to learn more about this pendant, visit Kabana.