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Pascal Lacroix Jewelry Designer

The wilderness of the Northern Sierra Mountains provides a spectacular setting for the studio of Pascal Lacroix, where he gives each of his jewelry pieces “one-of-a-kind” attention. Mr. Lacroix, an award-winning designer, was born in Brussels and raised in the south of France. He was inspired by his father’s work as a renowned sculptor and jewelry designer and, in his own turn, has become a master in the creation of innovative gold and diamond bracelets. Mr. Lacroix sees his jewelry creations as sculptures and fashions every piece to be a silent companion be cared for and cherished.

Pascal Lacroix Jewelry

Pascal Lacroix Jewelry

Pascal Lacroix designs and manufactures hinged 14k and 18k white and yellow diamond bracelets. He has been creating innovative jewelry for over 25 years and has become the specialist in solid bangle bracelets. Each bracelet is treated as a piece of art with its own intimate timelessness. These unique bracelets can be found at the finest jewelry stores. They are set with the highest quality diamonds, which is Pascal’s way to guarantee that each piece is a reflection of his high standards.

At the Pascal Lacroix Company, we use specially designed alloys that provide both strength and durability in all colors. The use of platinum does not lend itself to this type of work. We highly recommend using 18k gold for a white gold bracelet. Our 18k white gold, which is hard as steel, is an excellent substitute for platinum. It is also whiter in color than most platinum alloys. All the bracelets can be proportioned to your wrist size to ensure a good fit. This is done by measuring around and over the top of the wrist bone with no play, using a tape measure or 1/2″ wide strip of paper. We will add the additional room for comfort. Our standard size is 6 1/2″. The wrist measurement is important, as we cannot re-size a bracelet once it has been made. If normal care is taken with one of our bangle bracelets, its life is almost limitless.

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