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Niki Kavakonis Jewelry Designer

“Jewellery is an outer expression
of your inner self.”

Exemplifying clean lines and a variety of themes, Niki Kavakonis’ designs can be found on the most stylish of women, and men.

Born in Canada into a family where Art and Design were both appreciated and promoted, her Greek father, Nicholas Kavakonis (who also worked in the architectural field) was a practicing sculptor, best known for the bronze doors on St. Anne’s Church, Gladstone Ave., Toronto. Her Finnish mother, an avid crocheter and knitter, ensured that the concept of good design, a trait Finland is famous for, was instilled in her daughter at an early age.

Niki Kavakonis Suncatcher II Earrings

Niki Kavakonis Suncatcher II Earrings

As a child, Niki traveled extensively, and by age ten she had visited over twenty countries, her parents taking her to every museum they could find. It was these early formative experiences which drove her to pursue a knowledge of Art and Architecture, both at the practical level (she possesses a diploma in the studio arts from Sheridan College of Art and Design), and academically, through doctoral studies in Art and Architectural History, at the University of Toronto.

It is in creating jewelry that Niki can best convey her passions. She is attracted to jewellery for its miniature sculptural qualities, and many of her designs can be appreciated as such. In her work she develops a number of varying themes, believing that what one wears is an expression of one’s self.

Her forte is translating ideas into wearable, sculptural objects that have meaning.

One of her favourite themes is architecture.

Niki Kavakonis
dip., B.A., M.A., (PhD)

Website: Niki Kavakonis

Designed and Made in Canada.