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Lazare Jewelry Designs

Lazare Diamonds are renowned as “The World’s Most Beautiful Diamond” ®. Each Lazare Diamond is cut to maximize the coveted characteristics of brilliance, scintillation and fire.

Lazare Diamonds is the brand name known for high quality jewelry of intense precision. But what is it that makes these diamonds exclusive gems that are both desirable and valuable?

Lazare Diamonds

Lazare Diamonds

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Lazare Diamonds Background

Lazare Diamonds is owned and operated by Lazare Kaplan Int’l Inc. The company was established in 1903 in Belgium. Currently, they have more than a century’s worth of lapidary and gemology expertise. That edge, more than anything else, had made the company a widely revered organization that creates stunning diamonds with full attention to details. Lazare gems and diamonds are being sold all over the world more particularly in Europe, North America, Asia, and Latin America with immeasurable success. The company is continually working to refine its diamond cutting and polishing techniques to create more clear-cut gemstones.

Lazare Kaplan had contributed so much in the jewelry and diamond industry. It was them who developed the modern dimensions for oval shape diamonds. In 2003, the company updated the cushion cut proportions as well as the standard dimensions of the emerald cut. Lazare Diamonds are always the pioneer when it comes to balanced cuts and exquisite proportions as those are the gemstone qualities they are investing the most.

The Lazare Kaplan Cut

Couples are taught to investigate the engagement ring they are supposed to buy. The four C’s of diamond quality namely the carat, clarity, color, and cut should all be considered meticulously. However, not all diamond buyers understand that among these four elements, the jeweler can only influence the cut of the diamond. All other traits are accounted for by nature.

This is the reason why Lazare Diamonds puts all their efforts in producing the perfect cut for their diamonds. To achieve this, they have to use precise calculations. That’s very important in order to establish the suitable angles and surface proportions of the diamond they create. Through it, the stones would exhibit its best possible fire, brilliance, and sparkle. The perfect diamond optimizes the refraction and reflection of the stone throughout its table. The table is the large, middle facet situated right on the peak surface of the gemstone that’s most visible part. Poorly cut diamonds would allow the light to leak through its sides. As such, most of the gem’s brilliance will be lost forever.

This only goes to show that Lazare Diamonds cuts their gemstones scrupulously to achieve beauty. Weight or carat is only their second priority. They believe that the largest diamond in the world would look dull and lifeless if it is cut poorly. Next to smaller stones cut into perfection for maximum brilliance, the dull ten-carat diamond would look worthless.

Engagement Rings by Lazare

Lazare creates diamonds for use as loose gems. These gems are especially created for individuals who want to create a more personalized ring by choosing their own designs. However, the company also creates one of the most elegant engagement rings around. Lazare’s simple but very elegant diamond solitaire engagement rings are the most sought after. They also create three-stone rings that primarily center on the optimal beauty of the gems without the need for elaborate embellishments. The settings available for most of the engagement rings created by Lazare are bezel, prong, and channel settings.

Lazare Diamonds other Jewelry Collection

For those who are looking for other exceptional jewelry pieces other than engagement rings, Lazare also offers wedding rings, eternity rings, right hand rings, diamond pendants, and diamond earrings. These pieces are also the perfect choices for anniversary gifts. Most of the designs they have are in perfect harmony to their own line of engagement rings.

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