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Good Fortune Necklace By Jewelry Designer Niki Kavakonis

Despite being invented by an American Chinese restaurant, the fortune cookie has become an icon of Chinese cuisine and culture.

Famous for both its shape and the fortunes hidden inside, the lucky messages are revealed once the cookie is cracked open. Fortunes have included everything from Confucian sayings, to engagement proposals, to lucky numbers successfully played at lottery.

Niki Kavakonis Good Fortune Necklace

Niki Kavakonis Good Fortune Necklace

Like its model, and a little like a secret locket, the Good Fortune necklace allows the owner or gift-giver to place a paper good luck message into the hollow cavity of the silver cookie. Unlike its model, the Good Fortune necklace doesn’t crack open that easily, making the message a permanent one, to be carried with the wearer.

The cookie has an interesting geometric structure, based on a circle, and folds a little like origami.

Each Good Fortune is individually hand-folded.

Sterling silver.

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