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Diamond Rings By Jewelry Designer Judith Conway

Judith Conway began her love of designing diamond and bridal jewelry nearly three decades ago. It has led her to the cutting edge of this industry. Recognizing a need for finer and more original designs than was available, she launched her own company in 1994. “I always felt there was a need for diamond and bridal merchandise that was designer oriented and more individualistic,” she says.
Success came rapidly — in 1998 she was voted WJA’s Designer of the Year.

One of the first designers to embrace the use of platinum, Ms. Conway uniquely combines this rare metal with the warmth of eighteen karat yellow and rose gold and quality diamonds.

Judith Conway Diamond Rings

Judith Conway Diamond Rings

Judith Conway believes her training as a dancer and musician has given her an inherent feel for line and balance — both of which abound in her graceful designs. Describing herself as a “minimalist” – her creations are subtle and refined. They harmoniously blend the most precious materials on earth with designs that are classic and timeless. Designs that will move into the millennium with endurance and poise.

Judith is a woman designer designing for women.

To learn more about these diamond rings, visit Judith Conway.