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Gold Pearl Rings By Jewelry Designer Tasaki

Thakoon for Tasaki Jewelry

Thakoon Panichgul is a famous American fashion designer whose name quickly became noticed in the fashion world due to the all the influences inspired by different cultures noticeable in his designs, which are extremely romantic yet modern and luxurious. Thakoon, one of Michelle Obama’s favorite designers, recently designed the first jewelry line for Tasaki, creating one magnificent collection.

Tasaki Pearl Rings

Tasaki Pearl Rings

The elegant jewelry of D’Elia & Tasaki showcases natural color Armani gold cultured pearls. These gifts of the sea are cultivated and carefully nurtured exclusively by Tasaki in the Amami Islands off the southernmost part of Japan. There, the colder waters produce pearls with a greater intensity in lustre than that of their counterparts grown in more southern seas.

These pearls, with the glowing color of pure gold leaf, are the rarest of all South Sea pearls–only fifty thousand were harvested this year. After careful selection for matching size, color, lustre, and skin perfection, only 150 necklace strands were created from Amami gold pearls. Such limited numbers make any piece of D’Elia & Tasaki fine jewelry an exclusive and special treasure. Revel in the luxurious warmth of gold.

Recently named Tasaki’s new creative director, Thakoon is now ready to conquer a brand new territory, with the little help of some precious stones. “I really wanted to just go back to the DNA of what Tasaki’s about, which is beautiful pearls, beautiful materials and beautiful diamonds,” Thakoon declared in an interview, and so he did.

To learn more about the pearls, visit Tasaki.