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Celebrity Chain and Charm By jewelry Designer David Yurman

$690.00 by David Yurman at Saks Fifth Avenue

A contemporary design that borrows a page from American history, combining an elegant arrowhead silhouette with faceted pavé diamonds.

Diamonds, 0.40tcw
Sterling silver
Necklace, 22″ long
Clasp closure

David Yurman Celebrity Chain

David Yurman Diamond Pave Chain and Charm

Well, David Yurman was born on the 12th October 1942 in Long Island, New York. David’s father was a craftsman and from an early age he was fascinated with design and art. Whilst still at school he started selling small sculptures from the cafeteria and it wasn’t long before the attraction of being a designer became too much for Yurman and he decided to drop out of college.

Yurman was a college drop-out in the swinging sixties and before too long he started mixing with other bohemian artists from that time such as Norman Mailer, Ken Kasey and the painter Franz Kline.
By the end of the decade David had apprenticeships with a number of influential sculptors including Jacques Lipchitz who had previously worked with Modigliani and Picasso !

Whilst working in Greenwich Village David met a talented painter by the name of Sybil Kleinrock and the two soon became a couple. Sybil became a muse for David and he started creating his first pieces of jewelry for her. By a chance encounter a gallery owner spotted Sybil wearing one of David’s jewelery designs and enquired as to whether it was for sale. David wasn’t comfortable replicating a design that had such personal significance for him however the seed of opportunity had been well and truly planted.

The couple decided to move out of the city and into the countryside which is where they created their first company, Putnam Art Works. Their business gave them a solid understanding of the jewelry and craft market and helped to build the brand that became David Yurman.

By the mid 1980’s the David Yurman brand moved to another level with his famous “cable bracelet”. This became, and remains, his signature piece.

To learn more about this diamond chain, visit David Yurman.