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Duet View Engagement Rings by Jewelry Designer Jeff Cooper

The Duet View is a collection of engagement rings by jewelry designer Jeff Cooper. Tapered channel set diamonds and “U” shaped side profiles make this collection a new twist on the contemporary engagement ring and wedding band.


Duet View Engagement Rings by Jeff Cooper

In this picture below you can see a round diamond engagement ring from the Duet Collection, shown in Platinum.


Duet View Engagement Ring

The ring tapers up towards your center stone to make it more profound and bold.

The matching band is sold sparately and fits seamlessly with its match.

It can be crafted to fit any size and shape stone and available in Platinum and 18-Karat gold. The rings are 100% hand made in the USA.

Jeff Cooper is a classic bridal designer with a contemporary flair. To learn more about this engagement ring, visit the page about  jewelry designer Jeff Cooper.