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Cynthia Dugan Jewelry Designer

Jewelry designer Cynthia Dugan has introduced a collection of Southwest-inspired, contemporary leather necklaces and semiprecious stones with refreshing charm and feather accents. Her free-spirted designs, typically seen being worn by Hollywood starlets like Lindsay Lohan, project an equal balance of glamor and hippie chic!

lindsay lohan cynthia dugan jewelry

Cynthia Dugan Brown Leather/Agate Necklace with Cross charm worn by Lindsay Lohan. Photo via Singer22.

Inspired by her Cherokee background and fueled by a previous career in retail buying, Cynthia’s exotic jewelry designs are fabulous with casuals, yet sleek enough to put on with a cocktail gown. The natural stones give each piece a timeless image that is a reflection of the designer’s wit and passion for jewelry making.

cynthia dugan jewelry feather earrings

Gold-charmed Onesie Feather Earrings by Cynthia Dugan. Available at Shopbop.

Cynthia Dugan feather earrings, leather necklaces and bracelets are available for purchase at luxury onlne boutiques Shopbop and Singer22. Coming soon: More precious fashions from this remarkable jewelry collection!

cynthia dugan orange feathers necklace singer22

Cynthia Dugan Leather Necklace with Orange Feathers, available at Singer22