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Bracelets by Jewelry Designer Diana Porter

The Jewellery – Inspiration

‘The jewellery is a synthesis of my life experience. At college I was inspired by ancient images of powerful women. So my work is about women and assertiveness (Sibyls), it is about wisdom (‘Wisdom of Life’ triple ring set), it is about togetherness whilst being separate (‘The Feeling of We’ pair of rings). It’s about change (moving rings etched “This will change”). It’s about the spirit in all of us (the gold bead etched ‘the spirit’). It’s about the design suiting the form; about words being ambiguous; about challenging conventional ideas both in jewellery design and in the way we organise our lives. It’s about tiny precious moments (little diamonds). When you wear one of my rings etched with ‘on and on..’ is it about ‘eternity’ or ‘interminability’? It’s about not knowing and knowing……..(heavy stuff! – maybe it’s about humour?). We sung this song in the 70s:

You can’t kill the spirit
She is like a mountain
Old and Strong
She goes on and on and on’

Handmade chain bracelet with caged 18ct yellow gold heart, diamond charm, 18ct yellow gold handmade link, onlong drop etched ‘AND ON’, 18ct yellow gold spirit bead, mini sibyl.

Chain Bracelet By Diana Porter

Chain Bracelet By Diana Porter

The Jewellery – Materials and Processes

We aim to make beautifully hand crafted pieces of jewellery which are affordable and have an intrinsic quality in both design and making. Whilst the collection has developed over the years, the work is probably best known for its original simple shapes and the words ‘on and on and on’ written around rings. The Sibyl pendants are still as popular as ever – the 21 words such as ‘vision’ or ‘play’ are designed to impart meaning to the wearer.

The range of jewellery is available in silver with or without 22ct gold etch or in solid 18ct gold or platinum. Diamonds are guaranteed conflict free.

We are now able to offer a limited supply of ethically produced gold, ie where the supply chain is transparent and is guaranteed not to exploit the labour force or adversely affect the environment. This gold is 10-15% more expensive than the current market price and we can make quotes for any pieces in our collections or for commissions. However, our aim is to work with the UK jewellery industry to influence the way that precious metals are produced, so that ethical production becomes the norm.

Original pieces are usually crafted from silver sheet which is acid etched and then cast using the lost wax method. Castings are made in gold,platinum or silver and these are then worked on by the team using various techniques to achieve the finished pieces. Some of the designs, such as the spinning rings require particularly advanced skills. Tiny diamonds are usually gypsy or flush set, whilst larger diamonds require more complex settings.

The Workshop

As the demand for her jewellery increased, Diana started employing jewellers to help her out.

Now, 15 years on, the work is well established in 60 galleries and shops in the UK and USA as well as in her centrally situated prestigious shop on Bristol’s Park Street.

The workshop is now situated behind the shop where three full time & two part time jewellers and two administrators produce the collections.

Celebrities such as Zoe Ball, Tamzin Outhwaite, Nick Berry & Massive Attack wear the jewellery.



Shop Opening hours

Normal Opening Hours
Monday to Saturday: 10.30am – 6pm
Sundays: 11.30am – 4.30pm

Bangle Bracelet By Diana Porter

Bangle Bracelet By Diana Porter

Diana Porter
33 Park St
Bristol BS1 5NH

Tel: +44(0)117 9090225

With Diana’s full collection alongside work from over 90 of the UK and Europe’s top contemporary jewellery designers, a friendly atmosphere and skilled jewellers on hand to give technical advice Diana Porter Contemporary Jewellery aims to give the customer a unique shopping experience.

Originally designed by Jeremy Dain of S2 Architects, the shop has plenty of room both for the visitor and the jewellery. The space boasts inventive counters and cabinets using glass, concrete and steel and a fabulous mural of Raphael’s ‘The Sibyls’ – Diana’s original inspiration – as its focal point. You are encouraged to walk around the shop and take your time looking at the wide variety of work in the creative displays.

The shop aims to show an eclectic mix of modern work – from experimental pieces by new designers to a wide range of engagement and wedding rings, crafted by top British and European designers.

33 Park Street is located in central Bristol, at the bottom of this historic hill which leads from the City Centre up to Clifton. It’s in an area of individual boutique shopping and is close to the university, hotels and the business centre of the City.

To learn more about these rings, visit Diana Porter.