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Gold and Diamond Echo Bracelet By Jewelry Designer Lana Bramlette

14-Karat Gold Bracelet with 2x05pt Diamonds, 8″ Circumference – Available in Yellow Gold, White Gold, and Rose Gold:

Lana Bramlette Gold Diamond Bracelet

Lana Bramlette Gold Diamond Bracelet

Spotlight on fall with designer, Lana Bramlette, and the inspiration behind her newest collections – 07-30-2010

Q: What a big year! New baby, two new collections…

A: I am exhausted! But I’m also thrilled because being a mom is extraordinary and has fueled me to be even more creative. I designed BLAKE in honor of the birth of my daughter, which was a monumental experience. Another source of inspiration was my honeymoon (um, nine months before her birth!) in the Italian and French Riviera. I was heavily influenced by all the beauty I saw there, and the BLAKE collection has a very bold, geometric and European feel. The pieces are powerful and I love that, because jewelry is all about desire…you buy it and wear it because you want to, not because it’s a necessity.

Q: What are the new gold textures you’re using in the BLAKE collection?

A: BLAKE still has the classic wire and flat gold looks that our clients love, but this time we are working with bolder gold chains and diamond-cut beading that give the pieces an incredible amount of sparkle. It’s a diamond-like effect.

Q: Tell us about the launch of your new silver collection.

A: I decided to launch a silver collection because so many people asked me to do it, but I still wanted to create pieces that have the Lana Jewelry feel. So, I went for a bigger scale, used new technology to give it a brighter, fine-jewelry finish, and made sure it was extremely well priced. The pieces will appeal to the hip downtown girl…you know, a Lana Girl, because they’re fresh, beautiful and just a little bit tough…and doesn’t everyone want that? The name, LB|925, stands for my initials and the universal symbol for sterling silver, 925.

Q: The LB|925 collection is called THE STANDARD and it boasts the STANDARD 5. Can you elaborate?

A: I called the first silver collection THE STANDARD because it really sets a new standard in silver jewelry by being a luxurious, modern and sexy line that is affordable. The STANDARD 5 are what I consider the five essential jewelry pieces that every woman should have in her wardrobe: everyday hoop earrings, party earrings, the perfect layering necklace, a pendant chain necklace and stackable bangle bracelets.

Q: What are you excited about for fall?

A: Fall will be extremely busy for my whole team. There are events, parties and launches in almost every store that carries our line. We’re expanding into amazing stores around the country, so everyone can be a Lana Girl. Stay on the lookout for new celebrities who will be wearing their Lana Jewelry, as well as all the unique projects we are working on in print, television and film.

To learn more about this bracelet, visit Lana Bramlette.